• 11th July 2013 - By Dustin Gauthier

    How to make a Website from Scratch

    This will be the first post on, How to make a website from scratch, a series I am putting together to help people get into publishing websites. Making a website today is much easier than it was 10 years ago.  There are literally hundreds of tools you can use to make a website from scratch and get it published to the web in a matter of minutes.  In the dark ages of web design people were limited to a few different WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get web editors) editors and coding out the website in an text editor.  Today it is very easy for even children to create a website with out even looking at HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code.  In this article I am going to go over some of the easiest options for an absolute beginner on how to make a website from scratch.

    How to Start?

    Managing a website is much easier to accomplish today.  So where do you begin?  There is not just one way to get a website published there are many!  One of the easiest ways to get started is to purchase a hosting plan from a shared hosting provider.  These plans are usually very affordable, only a couple dollars a month.  You may be thinking to yourself, “Why not just sign up with a free hosting provider?”   A simple answer to that question is SUPPORT, these free hosting providers usually provide little or ZERO support.  When you sign up with a hosting company they will provide you some very unique and power tools to get your website launched.   You will also get access to professional support if you run into issues with the provided software.

    All the tools Included!

    With most professional hosting providers you will get access to some very powerful software known as control panels.  These control panels let you control many aspects of how your website works.  You can easily control access to directories, work directly with your databases through the use of GUI’s (Graphical User Interface).  Without a control panel you would have to work directly with the Linux command  line, which cane be very confusing if you do not know what your are doing.


    Modifying a database through the command line in linux.


    The above picture is  an example of some of the commands you would have to use to accomplish certain task, like working with a database, used by web applications such as WordPress.  With a control panel it will look and be a lot more user friendly that working with the command line.



    Point and click to add a database and users! No command line experience needed.


    Controlling Database files is one of the hundreds of easy to use features you get with a control panel.  Other features include the ability to upload files like pictures and your actual website through your web browser.  There is no need to use a separate program like an FTP client to upload your data.

    Another popular tool most hosting provider will give you access to is a “Site Builder”.  These site builders basically let anyone without any prior experience make a website from scratch.  One of the more popular builders is RVSite Builder PRO.  RVSite builder lets anyone build a good look website in a drag and drop interface.  Many templates include eye catching flash animations and easy to build, professional looking menus.  There are over 1000 template to choose and build upon to suite your own needs.  These are just a few examples of what you can achieve with RVSite Builder.


    Here is a short 30 second video that shows some of the different screens in RVSitbuilder PRO:

    To sum everything up, making a website from scratch can be a very easy task with the right tools.  If you have the extra money, find a decent web host that can provide you with support as most “Free” web host do not.

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